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Kite is originated in China and developed in the world. As not only crafts but also toys for sport, kites are loved by people live in different countries and regions.Of course, kites are also modern gifts for friends.Kites from Weifang are amongst the best one in China.

Located in Weifang city, the famous Kite Capital of the world, Weifang New Sky Kites Factory was established during the Sixth Weifang International Kites Festival in 1988. Basing on the technical force of Hanting Kite Flying team, our factory is a private enterprise invested and set up by Mr. Zhiwei liu. According to the initial guildline of supporting team by factory, we make profits to serve the construction of our kite team. With the development of Mr.Zhiwei liu's flourishing business and the great achievements made by Hanting Kite Flying team for continuing holding the First Title 10 times in kite flying competition from the tenth Weifang International Kite Festival, New sky Kites Factory now steps into a much broader exploring road.

Our factory is mainly engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting all kinds of Chinese kites. Inherting the traditional kite technics and integrating with the modern scientific technology, we are developing new products continuously. Now our products enjoy great popularities among customers both at home and abroad by the delicate workmanship, fancy appearance and the first-class quality.Our wishes: LET MORE PEOPLE IN TEH WORLD MAY ENJOY MORE PLEASURE OF FLYING A KITE.

The main products include traditional kites, modern kites, sports kites, advertising kites, educational kites etc. Every kite will go through strict quality control before leaving factory, which will ensure a high and stable flying.   INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS MET: EUROPE CE STANDARD.

Possessing the fixed assets of 4million Yuan, our factory is staffed with 80 workers and the production value amounted to 3 million US dollars per year. Now our products are exported to countries all over the world and the factory has been ranked the largest manufacturer here in Weifang.

As a brillant pearl in the international kite capital, New Sky Kites Factory will promote common development of kite together with friends and clients all over the world.


Contact person: Handsomy

E-mail: newskykite@163.com
MSN: gbzgf@hotmail.com   Skype: handsomy
Tel: 0086-536-8275030     Mobile:13176466366
QQ: 463125319          Fax: 0086-536-8275030


Add: Middle of Qingping Road, Weicheng district, 

Weifang City,China.            Post Code: 261021

French contact : yvo.huet@voila.fr


                Weifang Kites in New Sky

Everyone knows you are the hometown as mentioning kite

Each heart dances romanticly as thinking Weifang Kite

White clouds float in the blue sky, colorful kites fly in the new sky
Friends from all of the world are linked by the silver lines of kites

Although we have different color skin and different language

We live in the same planet and enjoy the same hopeful new sky

The earth brings us life, the sun bring us warmth

The place where kites take off is here                                                       

Let all the dreams grow golden wings

Fly, my kite! With love, with friendship, with hope,
Fly to the distance……                            



Contact person: Handsomy,    New Sky Kites Team
E-mail: newskykite@163.com

MSN: gbzgf@hotmail.com,      Skype: Handsomy

Tel: 0086-536-8275030,           Mobile:13176466366

QQ: 463125319                 Fax: 0086-536-8275030  

Add: Middle of Qingping road, Weicheng district, 

Weifang City,China.                 Post Code: 261021

French contact : yvo.huet@voila.fr

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